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Self-Coaching: Week 5

Self-Coaching: Week 5

Race on Tuesday Night

Check! I'm grateful to my wife for making this possible. I hadn't realized how much I needed to get out and race again until after it was over. Racing is good for me, both mentally and physically.

Bring my Lunch to Work

Nope. Dismal failure. Zero homemade lunches this week.

Maintain workout schedule.

Mostly. Tuesday's race meant I rested on Monday, and I was time-crunched on Wednesday and only had time for some pull-downs & chin-ups in the gym. But I did my ride on Thursday, got back in the gym on Friday, but it looks like the weekend might be busy, so I'm expecting that Friday will be my one full gym session this week.

Step up to flutter kicks & cable chops.

Half credit on this one, since I only did one workout.

Skip the cookies.

Check. Back on the wagon this week.

Overall: B-

Half a grade for the missing gym session, and a full grade for slacking on bringing lunch from home.

Goals for Week 6

  • All my usual metrics, especially bringing lunch from home.
  • Swap planks & rotator cuff extensions for for flutter kicks & cable chops, and add 10-20# to my deadlift.
  • Eat a high-protein breakfast & drink all coffee black.
  • Think less about this stuff. I really want to get into a state where this is all just routine.
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