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Self-Coaching: Week 6

Self-Coaching: Week 6

(Photo taken June 12, here)

Okay, so how'd I do?

Maintain workout schedule.

Check. Worked out. Stretched. Rode my bike. Stepped up the load on deadlifts, goblet squats, and cable rows.

Bring lunch to work.

Half credit. Two days. Not terrible.

Keep up the commitment to getting leaner.

Check. No deserts.

Overall: A-

Top marks for workouts, eating well. Half a grade down for not bringing lunch as much as I planned.

Goals for Week 7

  • Maintain, focus on perfect form. Let my body adapt to the increased loads.
  • Get more sleep. This week has been rough.

Updated Gym Workout:

warmup: ½-mile run @ ~6mph (target: 7.5mph)

5 rounds:

  • pull-down x 5 @ 140# (odd rounds) OR chin-up x 3 @ BW (even rounds)
  • goblet squat x 5 @ 90#
  • bench press machine x 5 @ 120#
  • flutter kick x 30s @ BW
  • cable chops x 10 @ 65#

cooldown: Stretching & mobility work.

at home: deadlift 5 x 5 @ 175#

I've found I prefer doing the deadlifts on days that I ride, rather than gym days. My back (understandably) seems to dislike doing deads after stretching.

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