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Just Checking In

Just Checking In

I've mostly been keeping up the same workout routine, but I've shifted one of my gym sessions to Sunday afternoons, which lets me do some deadlifts and some kettlebell stuff. The downside is that I can't do any pull-ups. That doesn't seem to have stopped my pull-ups progressing (plenty of pull in deadlifts, after all), but I'll keep an eye on things. If I'm not stronger in 3 weeks, I'll adjust.

And I've started checking my workout routines into git. It'll be interesting to see what jumps out when I can diff workouts.

But it's also having a side-effect of highlighting exactly what I'm changing, and making me more consious of ensuring that each change indicates forward progress.

This week, I swapped pull-downs for pull-ups, increased the weight on goblet squats and cable chops, and removed flutter kicks from my routine.

I skipped the flutter kicks because I wasn't getting stronger, and didn't want to waste time on something that wasn't helping, and had a lot of overlap with the cable chops.

But Convict Conditioning says the next progression is hanging knee raises. I'll add those next week.

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