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Deferred Maintenance

Deferred Maintenance

Got a nail in my tire a while back. Weather, flu season, and life in general have made me unmotivated to make time to ride, so I treated my flat rear tire with zero urgency. When it became obvious that the hole was too big for the Stan's, I just shrugged and walked away for a few days before deciding what to do.

But hazy plans for upgrades, riding, and racing are forming on the horizon, so it's time to get my act together.

I always think I'm going to love fast-rolling XC tires, but then when I get them, my favorite thing is that I finally have traction again. So, in the interest of getting older and wiser, I've ordered a set of Rekons.

And it's finally time to admit that the rear tire on my road bike has been toast for a while now, so a new Gatorskin is on the way.

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