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Upgraded Motivation

Upgraded Motivation

As hoped, I've had a little time to ride lately. The new Rekons are awesome, and fresh air and dirt and smiling hikers & bikders are good for the soul.

And today my bike got a pretty serious (and long overdue) upgrade. I swapped out my old, heavy, leaky Marzocchi fork for a shiny new Fox Float 32 Factory fork.

I suspect a top-of-the-line fork is wasted on me, but when you find a screaming good deal, why not buy the best out there?

I installed it myself, which feels good. Definitely took a deep breath before cutting the steerer down to size, but ultimately that's not that hard an operation. Ideally, I'd have a star nut driver tool ($25), a bench vice ($70), and saw guide ($45) to do the job right. But I got by with my old stem as a saw guide, and hacking together an improvised star nut driver, and it went fine. It just takes time and care.

I set the pressure and the damping in the garage, and can't wait to get it outside and go for a ride.

After a tough few months, I'm feeling like myself again, and my motivation to ride and train is coming back, and new gear definitely helps stoke that fire.

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