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I finally acknowledged that the new saddle I got a while back won't ever be comfortable for me, and bought a another one. I did my homework and settled on a Fabric Scoop Race Radius.

So far, it's great. Firmer than the stock Giant saddle I had, but comfortable. I've been riding plenty this week, and have no complaints. Mostly, I forget it's there, which is all I hope for in a saddle.

The new fork is even more awesome than it was when I first said it was awesome. It's top-of-the-line, and it shows, even to a knucklehead like me.

And I replaced my old franken-brake setup with brand new Shimano Deore XT brakes. I can't say enough good stuff about these. Super-precise lever action, great tactile feedback, and bleeding them is a pleasure. And both power and modulation are outstanding.

And I'm continually more impressed by the Maxxis Rekons I put on a while back.

All together, it really feels like a whole new bike.

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