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Chino Hills, Recovery

The last time I rode in CHSP I was underwhelmed by what I found, so when I had Friday off to go for a long ride, I took the opportunity to do a modified version of this loop.

It's certainly a solid workout, but it's a lot of fire road climbing, and next to zero technical challenge. And the fun downhill is thin, covered in braking bumps, and washed out on the outside of all the turns. Far from the smooth, bermy goodness I was hoping for.

On the other hand, it was the biggest ride I've done in a long time, and recovered just fine, which is pretty great.

So here's what I did:

  • during the ride: 20 oz bottle with 3 scoops CarboRocket 333, plus a 16oz bottle with plain water
  • immediately post-ride: 2.4g of BCAAs
  • 30 minutes post-ride: big burrito & 1l drink
  • warmup and stretching later in the day:
    • easy kettlebell swings to warm up
    • windmills 3 x 10 @ 25# (5 each side)
    • Jefferson curl x 10 # 35#
  • for the rest of the day: more water
  • 3 capsules krill oil with dinner

I definitely felt the fatigue today during my workout, but all in all, I feel great for having just done such a big ride. The name of the game this week will be short, sharp rides and consistent stretching.

Chino Hills Lollipop

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