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Tahoe Prep: Week 3

Tahoe Prep: Week 3

The third week of Tahoe Trail 100 training is in the books.

Drop a Pound: Check!


  • Last week's weigh-in: 190.2 lbs
  • This week's weigh-in: 187.6 lbs

I'm skeptical that I'm genuinely dropping weight that fast, but the consistent downward trajectory is great.

Ride 3+ Hours: Check!

Logged 3:50 hrs & 3800 ft of climbing this week, and set a PR on the big climb I've been doing, so I'm happy.

I felt super tired on Thursday, but recovered really well last night and was looking forward to today's ride. But dad life forced that to the back burner. Still, solid week of training, especially if I can sneak out for a cool morning road ride over the weekend.

Plan a Benchmark Ride: Check!

I've put together a loop in Chino Hills State Park that's about 19 miles with 2800 ft. of climbing. Three solid climbs with plenty of little punchy stuff mixed in, if I remember Chino right. The next order of business is to make time to go ride this loop.

What's Next?

Over all, this week went really well. More of the same for a couple more weeks, then I ramp up the climbing a bit.

I've also mapped out a loop in Big Bear that I'm really itching to ride. The research that I've done says it's basically useless to try to train for altitude unless you can train at altitude for 3 weeks or so. That's not going to happen.

Still, I really do need to establish a steady rhythm of 3hr+ rides between now and July, and doing a few at altitude will at least be educational. Maybe I'll burn a vacation day and go do that some weekday in the spring once the trails are rideable.

And there's a problem with my freehub that's causing it to rotate with the wheel once in a while when I'm coasting. At first I thought it was the bearings again, but they're fine. So I'm going to give the freehub a good cleaning and see if that resolves it for good.

This week's checklist:

  • Clean & lube freehub
  • Drop a pound
  • Ride 3+ hrs
  • Schedule a vacation day in the Spring to ride the Skyline Trail in Big Bear.
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