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Tahoe Prep: Week 4

It's been an... exciting week. The Woolsey fire is scorching my hometown, and my mom had to evacuate, so Friday's ride and my weekend bike cleaning & repair plans were scuttled.

Clean & lube freehub: Nope

Simply no time. Once life returns to normal, this will get done.

Drop a pound: Check!

  • Last week's weign-in: 187.6 lbs.
  • This week's weign-in: 185.2 lbs.

All good. I'm feeling fine, not hungry. Here's how I'm doing it:

  • Almost no refined sugar.
  • "Breakfast" is coffee with double my usual half-and-half.
  • I do a daily (when possible) training ride around 11am, before lunch.
  • Lunch is a sandwich or other home-made leftovers.
  • I eat one cookie with lunch, eaten immediately after finishing my lunch to reduce the glycemic spike.

This week I'm starting to feel a bit hungry in the mornings, so I'll add an egg scramble or some other low-carb breakfast to the mix.

Ride 3+ hrs: Check!

Being sick with the flu on Monday and getting the house ready for my mom to stay with us on Friday meant I only got three rides last week, but hit my 3-hr target exactly. And I hit my goal of doing the "hard climb" loop twice, so while I didn't do as much as I hoped, I hit all my concrete goals.

Schedule a vacation day in the Spring to ride the Skyline Trail in Big Bear: Nope

Didn't get around to this either, mostly because of time. A little research shows that there's likely to be snow on the ground well into March/April, so maybe I aim for a Monday in May?

This Week's Checklist

  • Drop a pound
  • Ride 3+ hours
  • Clean & lube bike

I'm keeping it simple this week. There's plenty of time for (over-) thinking later.

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