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Tahoe Prep: Week 7

Tahoe Prep: Week 7

Drop a pound: Check!

  • Last week: 186.6#
  • This week: 184.6#

Everything running on schedule.

Ride the "hard climb" three days: Check!

Building climbing volume has been good, and I'm getting stronger. I even set a new PR on this climb without using my bottom cog, which is awesome.

Ride 3+ hours: Check!

Final time: 3:56. Solid.

Do two Gymnastic Bodies workouts: Nope.

Just ran out of time. I need to figure out how to incorporate some general fitness work into my weekly routine.


I finally made a proper spreadsheet to track my saddle time, climbing total, and weight. As expected, it's showing consistent progress, which is great.

Recent rain has affected my workout schedule, so I'm really trying to establish that my expected volume is just 3 rides, ~3500 ft, and 3 hours. Working in some running & calisthenics on wet days will really help keep things on track.

Next Week's Checklist

  • Drop a pound
  • Ride the "hard climb" three days
  • Ride 3+ hours
  • Do 2 Gymnastic Bodies workouts
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