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Tahoe Prep: Week 10

Tahoe Prep: Week 10

The weekend is going to be full of family and holiday stuff, so the tenth week of training is history.

Evidence of Progress

Last week I took 36 seconds off my Skyline PR, which was great. This week, as planned, I popped up a gear, and I've started doing the Skyline climb two gears up from my granny.

On Monday, the goal was just to get my workout, not implode, and see how that felt. It felt fine. So today I pushed the pace.

I finished just 6 seconds off PR. And the graph above is kind of bananas. All the places where I was crushing my old pace were the steep climbs. All the sections where I was falling back were the relatively easy stretches where I was a little spun out and catching my breath.

If I just match my old PR pace on the flats, I'll take about 30 seconds off my time.

And when my legs get stronger and I'm spinning the new gear at the same cadence as the old one, I'll be even faster than that.

So that's good news. How did the checklist shake out?

Drop a Pound: Nope

  • Last Week: 182.4#
  • This Week: 182.0#

I weighed in on Thursday instead of waiting until Saturday morning, so that tilted the scales against me. But still. Dropping just .4 lbs. doesn't get me full credit.

Ride 3+ Hours: Check!

Finally tally: 4:08

Do the "hard climb" three days: Check!

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday on the "hard climb", with a trip up the "Southside Switchies" bring the weekly climbing total to 4465ft.

Next week is Christmas, so I'm aiming to relax and enjoy and let my body recover from all this work. (Though the plan is to go to a spin class on Christmas Eve. Never been before. We'll see how that goes.)

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