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Tahoe Prep: Week 12

I worked from home on Monday, which gave me a chance to explore some more of the local back yard trails. Great fun. And I took a big bite out of my PR on the switchies north of Amar Rd, which is great. Felt terrible, but whatever.

The wrenching I did last week feels great. So nice to have everything back in solid working order. And I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't know what the clutch lever was on my rear derailleur. Just to get acquainted, I've ridden with the clutch on for the last few rides, and I love it. No more chain bouncing around all over.

Okay, so how'd I do on the checklist?

Hard climb 3 days: Check!

Switches on Wednesday, Skyline climb Thursday, and Purple Sage on Friday, all in 3rd cog (24x32, I think?). I can definitely feel it in my hips.

Ride 3+ hours: Check!

Finally tally: 4:08

Keep my weight level: Check!

With much of this week being essentialy an extension of the Christmas break, I tried to dial back the sugar intake, but didn't want to stress about getting it back to my one-cookie-per-day norm.

Next Week's Checklist

  • Hard climb 3 days
  • Ride 3+ hours
  • Drop a pound

Time to resume the weight loss. My goal is to get under 180#, and I'm nearly there. (My stretch goal is to get under 175#. We'll see how that goes.)

Back Yard Trails

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