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Weekend Wrenching

Weekend Wrenching

Checked out a couple of videos, then decided to get my hands dirty. I found that engaging the clutch on my rear derailleur made it slightly stiffer than I liked, so I ended up riding on Friday with the on/off lever kind of wedged half way on. That was perfect, so I opened up the mechanism and adjusted the tension.

Nothing remotely difficult. Just feels good to learn something new about maintaining my bike.

The next thing, I think, is going to be overhauling my fork. Aside from my bottom bracket, it's about the only thing on my bike I haven't worked on yet. (And at this point, the only thing stopping me from doing the BB work myself is lack of tools. That's exacting stuff, and bearing presses are pricy.)

It's wonderful how quiet my bike is these days. No chain slap, no derailleur dangling, no grinding gears, no squeaky bottom bracket. Just my breathing and the sound of tire treads on the trail.

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