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Tahoe Prep: Week 18

Hard Climb 3 Days: Check!

Three days of steepness, and I've kicked the gearing up a notch to 24x26. (I think?) I can feel my legs getting stronger. I can keep my cadence up much more consistently.

Ride 3+ Hours: Check!

Final tally: 5:25 . I got to ride every day last week, so the time & miles stacked up easily.

Drop a pound: Check!

  • Last week's weight: 184.8#
  • This week's weight: 181.6#

I honestly have no clue why my weight loss has resumed. I think I just backed off on the cookies a bit, and got more protein at breakfast.

So generally, things are going well. The new chain & chainrings have arrived, so I'll mount those this week. I've been hesitant about standing on the big ring-- if I push hard enough, it skips. If it skips while I'm standing, I'll probably get dumped over the bars. Uff.

Next week's checklist is the same as this week:

  • Hard climb 3 days
  • Ride 3+ hours
  • Drop a pound

Long Lunch

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