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Training: Weeks 23-27

I've officially crossed the Tahoe Trail 100 off my list. It was always, shall we say... aspirational, but with July just around the corner, it's time to either start logistical prep or acknowledge that a 14+ hours on the road and a hard day on the bike isn't a great fit for my life at the best of times. The fact that it's my wife's birthday weekend means it's time to get my priorities straight and call it.

I've been doing a version of Charmichael Training's Time-Crunched Training Protocol over the last four weeks. At the end of week 3, my legs were toast, and were sluggish and heavy for Monday and Tuesday of week 4, but they feel solid today. So tomorrow or Friday I'll take a shot at setting a new PR on Coachwhip. It's eluded me for a couple years, so we'll see how that goes.

And I'm set to start the Limestone Canyon Race in 10 days. Unfamiliar trails, plenty of climbing etc. I'm tempted to geek out about strategy, but I'm trying to internalize that in a one-hour race, the only real strategy is to stay with the leaders as long as I can. All I'm putting in my brain is to try not to blow up on the way to the high point at mile 7.7, and after that it's full gas to the finish.

So we'l see how this goes...

2019 Limestone Canyon Loop

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