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Older & Wiser: Nasty Cough

Older & Wiser: Nasty Cough

I've had a cough for the last couple of weeks. I initially thought it was nothing, and just kept training, which felt fine. But it held on & got worse rather than better, so I've just stopped training altogether & concentrated on getting the rest I need.

I'm finally on the mend & expect to be ready to hit the weights again on Friday. But I don't want to just jump back in where I left off, so I'll be repeating the second week of Mass Made Simple before moving forward & completing the program.

A week off, plus repeating a week means I'll be 2 weeks behind. The initial plan was for 7 weeks of mass building, but the extra two weeks pushes it to 9, and I'm not sure my body will want to do that. So once I hit week #5 of the program (which will be week #7 on the calendar) I'll be alert for signs of deeper fatigue: lack of motivation, stalled progress, trouble sleeping.

Focusing on next summer has made it much easier to make the right decisions this week. I feel like I have plenty of time to rest & recover and I'll still be able to bring my A game when it matters.

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