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First Attempt at Using The Caja China

First Attempt at Using The Caja China

We made our first dinner with the Caja China this afternoon. We're planning to use this for Christmas dinner, so I'm making notes here to help ensure that things go smoothly.

In the box:

  • 1 lamb leg
  • 1 6# chicken


  • Started with ~12# Kingsford charcoal, in 2 5# piles.
  • 60° & breezy so, had a hard time getting the coal started. Solution: rigged a tarp as a windbreak & used lots of lighter fluid.
  • Once the coals went gray, spread them into a bed.
  • Let everything cook for ~1hr, then put on ~6# more coal.


  • Chicken is slightly tough, but flavorful & not dry.
  • Same for lamb. Overcooked, but delicious.

Changes for Next Time:

  • Less coal to start, unless there's substantially more meat.
  • Make heat adjustment with the second wave of coal-- add more if cooking is slow, less if meat is browning too quickly.
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