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2021 Goals, Recovery Methods

2021 Goals, Recovery Methods

I've plotted a rough training outline for 2021, with the Over the Hump races as B races, and some more classic style race series on the radar as possibilities for A races if/when racing resumes.

My goal for 2021 is to get on the podium as an Intermediate racer, and set the stage for a move up to Sport in 2022.

For now, I'm using Strava's workouts (based on Charmichael's Time-Crunched Training Protocol), and making solid progress. Two-hour rides at 140 BPM feel easy, 150 BPM feels normal, and I'm doing intervals at 155-165 BPM to push my FTP up.

It's been a long time since I did real climbing repeats at 170+ BPM, so my climbing is garbage at the moment. Looking to get that back in order by April or so.

I've ordered a power meter, and I'm planning to start with TrainerRoad once that's fitted & working, which I think will really help me make better use of my training time.

And I've started doing a few things that are really helping recovery & getting more out of my workouts.

Fueling During the Workout

I've been fueling with Gu Roctane during my workouts, which has made a noticeable difference in how I feel in the second hour, especially when I need top-end power.

  • 1 bottle Roctane, 1 bottle water
  • drink ½ bottle every 30 minutes
  • finish the Roctane 30 minutes before the end of the ride
Recovery Drink After the Workout

I've been taking BCAAs & water for years. A full recovery drink is better. Gu Roctane Recovery Mix, or a basic chocolate milk & protein shake:

  • 8 oz milk
  • 1 scoop (25g) protein
  • chocolate syrup to taste (~2tbsp)
Stretching & Foam Rolling

I usually do this at night, immediately after doing my nightly housework so I'm warm & moving before I start.

  • some version of my usual stretching sequence
  • some strap-assisted work on hamstring & hip mobility
  • short foam rolling session for legs & glutes, focusing on slowly rolling toward my torso
  • I sleep better when I do this- my legs are more relaxed & I don't feel that "gotta stretch" feeling.
  • I move around much more easily, especially getting up/down off the ground.
  • I feel noticeably fresher the next day. No leftover stiffness or soreness.
Vitamins & Krill Oil

I'm still doing my usual dinner-time supplementation:

  • 1 multivitamin
  • 1 vitamin D
  • 3 capsules krill oil
Focus on Sleep

Dan John said it well: "Recovery = Sleep. Everything else is FOMO."

  • I make sure I get 7+ hours every night. 8+ as much as possible.
  • I now use a device called a Smart Nora to eliminate snoring, which helps my wife sleep, which in turn means I'm not catching elbows in the middle of the night.
  • I nap when I need to, and focus on getting to bed at a normal time the following night.
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