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Starting My 2022 Strength Build

The 2021 Over the Hump series wrapped up on Tuesday evening, and I'll for sure have more to say about how that went.

For now, though, I want to document my starting numbers for my next training block.

The general plan is to spend the next few months with the following priorities:

  1. get leaner
  2. get stronger
  3. don't lose on-bike fitness

Current Measurements

The only metric here that I have any kind of goal for is my weight. I'm clearly currently carrying more fat than I need to, and some rough calculations indicate that getting down around 15% body fat would put me right around 180#. So that's what I'm aiming for.


If I arrive in February 2022 leaner & stronger, but weighing above 180#, that's absolutely not any kind of failure. That's why I take my other starting measurements, so that I can put my weight in context. If my weight holds steady, but my waist goes down and my thighs & hips get bigger, that's a win.

weight 192.2#
calf 16''
thigh 25''
hips 41''
waist 39.5''
chest 41''
biceps 15.5''

Strength Goals (5x5 max)

Some of these goals are within reach over the next few months. Some are... not. But I'm noting my "big picture" goal here, and I'll see how close I can get.

Movement Current Goal
squat 215# 250#
deadlift 225# 295#
bench press TBD 195#
chin-up 1 rep 15 reps
military press 65# 110#

More on how the second half of the Over the Hump series went is on the way, and I'll be noting progress on my strength build periodically.

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