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Prioritizing Fat Loss

Prioritizing Fat Loss

This winter, I'm finally doing what I said I need to do, and focusing on getting leaner. The scale & my body measurements have been telling me for a couple of years that while my hypertrophy block was a raging success, it left me with extra fat that I never managed to shed.

Here's what seems to be working.

Daily Routine

  • ~550Cal, high-carb breakfast of oatmeal, bagel, etc. (I've been enjoying Biju's Oatmeal.)
  • workout/ride (I fuel with Roctane mix, usually 1 bottle @ 250Cal)
  • post-workout protein shake (protein powder, milk) (~360Cal)
  • light lunch (~300Cal)
  • RIDE DAYS: snack (~250Cal) & coffee (~80Cal)
  • LIFTING DAYS: just coffee

Weekly Routine

  • MON: Ride 90min
  • TUES: Strength & Conditioning
  • WED: Ride 90min
  • THURS: Strength & Conditioning
  • FRI: Ride 2hrs

Strength & Conditioning

I'm doing a 10min warmup run or KB session, then the barbell complex from Dan John's Mass Made Simple.

  • 5 rounds
  • 5 reps each movement
  • each round should take under 1:45
  • rest 1:30 between rounds
  • movements:
    1. bent row
    2. power clean
    3. front squat
    4. military press
    5. back squat
    6. Romanian deadlift

I'm currently doing this with 85# on the bar, and that's feeling just a hair light, so next week will be at 90#.

Add more weight when you're consistently under the 1:45 mark for each round. If you want to go up in 10# increments, the first workout with the new load should have rests of 2:00 between rounds. Trust me on that.

This seems to be working. Over the last month or so, I've dropped from ~205# to consistently weighing in around 199#.

I was genuinely surprised to see that I'd gotten under 180# back in 2019. No wonder I was quicker back then.

So far, this rhythm is letting me drop fat while still getting quicker on the bike, which is ultimately my goal. I'll continue this as long as it keeps working. I'll re-evaluate priorities when I get back down under 190#.

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