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Chesebro vs. Cheeseboro

Doh. "Chesebro" is the name of the road leading to the park. But the park itself is spelled "Cheeseboro". So yeah, I have a problem.

I think this illustrates the source of the confusion pretty well.

So... How do you like like that?

There also seems to be an ongoing Alberson vs. Albertson debate. Google says "Alberson", but the National Park Service says "Albertson". I'm going with Alberson, since the "Motorway" monicker is, I believe, outdated. More research is needed.

So anyway, I'll be updating all my blog posts and map names to reflect the correct "Cheeseboro" spelling.

Readers' Comments

babes, the pictures are great, you're right, the grove of trees look amazing...i can see why you had such a great time...
I don't think I've ever seen Cheeseboro so green, and Las Virgenes (the canyon where those trees are) just blew me away. That's the kind of reward that makes a ride so much fun. This ride had it all: spectacular views, unbelievable trails, wildlife, watching a sunset from a mountaintop... I'm still high.
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