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Self-Coaching: Week 8

Self-Coaching: Week 8

It's Thursday, but honestly my "training week" is Monday through Friday, and I'm confident I'll get tomorrow's gym workout in the books. So how did this week go?

Maintain workout schedule.

Check, and then some. I did a kettlebell workout at home on Monday, and then did my usual training week at work, so I've managed a workout every day this week, and I did some exploring and found some new stuff to ride.

Bring lunch to work.

Check. Three days out of four. (Short week for Labor Day.)

Keep up the commitment to getting leaner.

Half credit. I've relaxed my standards and aimed for something I can consistently accomplished. I've taken to having a few chocolate-covered almonds at night.

Do two deadlift sessions.

Check. One today, and another over the weekend.

Overall: A-

Generally, this was a really productive training week. Three gym/kettlebell sessions, two rides, and I even did some exploring and found some new territory that will add a little variety to my lunchtime rides.

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